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1. UHD Zoom Portal

UHD Zoom Portal
Zoom, the cloud meeting company, unifies mobile collaboration, cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings into one easy-to-use platform.

2. Zoom | University of Houston-Downtown


How can I use Zoom? You can go to the UHD Zoom portal at https://uhd.zoom.us where you can download & install the Zoom client on your …

3. Cheat Sheet – the University of Houston-Downtown


Enter your UHD username and password on the University of Houston-Downtown login screen. Schedule A Meeting. WEB PORTAL (uhd.zoom.us). 1. Go to uhd.

4. Zoom: Getting Started


Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing application available to all faculty, staff, and … https://uhd.zoom.us/download. 2. … Click Login. 8.

5. The Zoom Interface | University of Houston-Downtown


The college experience wouldn't be complete without UHD's state-of-the-art recreation center, club teams and intramural sports. All of which allow …

6. Getting Started with Zoom | University of Houston-Downtown


Click Login. a screenshot of the UHD credentials screen with the Login button. Once signed in the full Zoom client will open. For additional …

7. Applying a Passcode to a Zoom Meeting | University of …


Sign in to the UHD Zoom web portal at uhd.zoom.us using your UHD username and password. Zoom portal sign in button. 2. In the navigation …

8. Attendance in Zoom | University of Houston-Downtown


Finding List of Zoom Meeting Participants · To get a list of participants from one of your previous Zoom meetings, first go to uhd.zoom.us and sign …

9. SI Zoom Online Session | University of Houston-Downtown


​ Once installed, launch the program and login with the SSO option to use your UHD credentials. Once logged in, enter the meeting ID for the session you would …

10. Zoom Webinars | University of Houston-Downtown


The college experience wouldn't be complete without UHD's state-of-the-art recreation center, club teams and intramural sports. All of which allow …

11. Recording Presentations with Zoom | University of Houston …


Login to https://uhd.zoom.us to locate your recording. Click the Recordings tab and select Cloud or Local. a screenshot of the Cloud Recordings …

12. Getting Started with Zoom ONLINE ONLY – UHD Calendar


Getting Started with Zoom ONLINE ONLY · You're not going yet! · Login to UHD Calendar.